A Birthday Party For Your Pet: Painless or Painful?

Okay, it seems easy enough, right? Your fur baby is turning one and you are beyond excited for the opportunity to throw a birthday bash as over the top and as successful as your 21st birthday party back in college. You do everything right: stop at Petco and buy your dog dozens of toys, stop at the bakery for pet friendly, hit up Party City for balloons, plates, napkins, confetti, and any other random party decoration that you just need to have! At this point you’re thinking, “What’s all the fuss about?”

Bottom line, it’s a piece of cake until the guests show up (especially the birthday girl in our experience). But let me back track to before the chaos.

Wine Wags and Waves: A Birthday Party For Your Pet

Eloise, our English Bulldog, was turning one and because she is the princess of the family it is only fitting to throw her a pink and green themed party with a matching birthday tutu that she could trot around in all day. What could be cuter, amm I righhtt?! Petco was our first stop. I know that sounds blatantly obviously, but you can seriously find so many cute birthday necessities if you know what to look for. They sell edible birthday cards, called CrunchKins Cards, made of rawhide and nontoxic ink. The cards actually come with an envelope, so you can send the card right through the mail. Petco also sells candy covered dog bones that look like fancy cookies with icing and sprinkle coating. This is the perfect birthday treat and also looks adorable and super classy displayed on a serving platter.

So far, everything was going flawlessly with set up and preparation. But, the real chaos began when we decided to bake Eloise a birthday cake. Everyone always makes their dog a bacon and peanut butter flavored cake with a bologna cake topper. Eww. We had a smarter idea. Let’s bake a vanilla cake with vanilla icing. Not only is it safe for the dogs to eat, they love the taste of it and so do we! The timer for the cake went off and I grabbed three toothpicks to test if the cake was fully cooked. Stupid me left the toothpicks on the edge of the counter and Clyde, our 4-month-old Golden Retriever, jumped up and stole the toothpicks right off the counter. We didn’t realize what had happened until he was trying to cough them up and it was too late to avoid a bad situation. We rushed him to the emergency room and spent the afternoon trying to figure out if the toothpicks had punctured anything on the way down. Super fun! Once we found out we were in the clear, we raced home and finished making the cake and wrapping the presents for Eloise’s party.


Our birthday girl was pampered all day, eating more than enough by the time the party started. That didn’t stop her from eating at least three pieces of cake, making her tutu fit tighter and tighter around her stomach until it finally popped off before it was time for bed. Oscar, our 7-year-old Golden Retriever, ate his cake so fast it was like watching a living vacuum. He just inhales everything you put in front of him so quickly that you don’t even know what he ate half the time. Honestly, that’s probably why he weighs over 100 pounds.

Clyde was fully convinced it was his birthday, too. Not only did he eat his own two pieces of cake, but he also stole cake off of everyone else’s plate. I swear it kept happening mid-air while the cake was still sliding off the spatula. Good thing he’s cute, because he is our devil child. It’s just hard to stay mad at that cute little face.

The funniest part of this whole party was that it only lasted 20 minutes. We were so exhausted from the chaos that we called it a success and packed everything up before anything else could happen. The dogs had a blast and honestly, we did too! Our dogs have so much personality and it’s so fun to treat them to birthday parties, gifts and cakes (even if the day started with an emergency room visit). We love our puppies and I think it’s safe to say they love us right back!

Do you have any hilarious stories about your pets? Comment your story below. We would love a good laugh!


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